Interesting Hair Transplant Statistics

Hair Transplant Statistics 2023

Hair Transplant Statistics 2023

Male vs female split of clients 80% male, 20% female
FUE vs FUT procedure split 80% FUE, 20% FUT
Robotic-assisted FUE procedures 4% of all FUE procedures
FUE punches size used by surgeons 99% used punches less than 1mm
FUE donor sites 92.5% scalp hair, 7.5% beard hair, 2.4% chest hair
Patients needing only 1 procedure 75%
Grafts transplanted during first procedure 80% had 1000-4000 grafts
Age of patients 90% were between 22 and 40
Patients from different countries 70%
Market size growth (2014-2023) 80% growth
Worldwide search volume for “hair transplant” (2017-2023) 70% increase
Men and women suffering from Alopecia 45 million men, 30 million women
Hair transplants annually Over 1,500,000
Percentage of male patients 80%
Percentage of female patients 20%
Most popular procedure FUE & DHI
Hair transplant graft survival rates 90-98%
Average satisfaction rating 8.4 out of 10

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